Finnish Lottery for Finns

Veikkaus is a Finnish lottery for Finnish players. We offer high quality gaming entertainment reliably and responsibly, producing each day over EUR 1.4 million of lottery revenue for Finnish society. Veikkaus contributes its total proceeds to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture , which distributes them further to Finnish arts, sports, science, and youth work.

For Finns, Veikkaus is not only a gaming company with long tradition but also a significant part of Finnish society. Shared joy is guaranteed to Finns through Veikkaus' beneficiaries, over 3 000 in all.

In Finland the gaming licence has been granted to three organizations. Veikkaus operates lotto games, pools, betting games, instant games and other draw games. The other two operators in Finland are The Finnish Slot Machine Association RAY and Fintoto, which operates horse betting.

For us, responsibility is the basis of all gaming, and constitutes a core part of our ideology. We believe that small stakes generate greater joy of playing. We do not distribute misleading information on the odds of winning, nor do we offer the option of playing on credit or in the night time. Our players have the opportunity to impose self-bans on their gaming on the internet. Our retail outlets and the games of veikkaus.fi are subject to the age limit of 18.

For Veikkaus, 2013 was another year of success. Turnover went up to EUR 1 858,4 million, in addition to which Veikkaus attained a record-high profit, EUR 506 million.

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Responsible gaming

Responsibility is the key to the joy of gaming. At Veikkaus, responsibility is a priority throughout the process, from ethical game development to reliable prize payout. Watch two campaign videos:


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